How to find, pitch, and close high-paying clients without having to face enormous competition online or offer race-to-the-bottom discounts

(Even if you don't have a niche or the experience your competitors do...yet)


For Services Providers, Consultants, Coaches, and Freelancers

Because The Clients Who’ll Pay You Every Penny You Deserve Really, Truly Exist—And It’s About Darn Time You Guys Meet

(Plus, it's like having the security of a full-time job, but without the BS of 9-5 cubicle life, office politics, or those Fwd: Fwd: Fwd emails from Cindy the conspiracy nutjob)

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Since escaping the "cubicle nightmare" in 2013, I've scored clients in 36 different industries, landed 4 figure and 5 figure client contracts, and comfortably charge 6x to 10x my old salary as a Human Resources Specialist  (good Lord, what a boring job).
The best part about walking the walk? I don't even have to do this thing full-time to bring home $5000 projects.
All because multi million dollar businesses and organizations -- including one of the largest colleges in North America -- are repeat clients who work around my schedule and send high-paying, long-term work my way.

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In other words, I've cracked the "consistent revenue" code of being a Service Provider.
And that leaves more time than my old day job ever allowed to enjoy travel with my wife and my eclectic hobby of amateur paleontology (aka, hunting for fossils).
That means all my freelancing energy goes into achieving incredible results for my clients, like  doubling sales in just 2 weeks, reaching email marketing open rates as high as 80%, and generating over 620 new leads in 1 month.
So now that I’ve got my own self-employed house in order, I’ve opened up the folds of my gray matter to give you an end-to-end process to. . .

Even if you don't identify as a "Freelancer", if you provide services to clients — as a Consultant, Coach, or Solopreneur — this program is for you!

Other programs promise "Aha! Moments" and generic-ass "breakthroughs" that hardly affect your bottom line.

Become The Go-To Freelancer is for people who want to see eyebrow-raising ROI from the courses they buy. Here's proof. . .

Meet Satya, the Marketing Strategist who uncovered her niche and scored $10K+ clients — even with less than 1 year of experience

Meet Renee, the work-from-home Mom and Sales Coach who landed her 1st paying client online (without a website) after years of staying local

Meet Adrian, the freelance Web Developer who turned a common skill into a "Need-to-Have" Service Pitch and scored long-term clients

The only science-backed, psychology-powered, field-tested system to become the Go-To Services Provider of your niche

What You Get With The Googlable Gurus' Programs

  •  + Generic advice like, "Just go to networking events! Bring business cards!"
  • + Even more generic advice like, "Just slash your rates by 50%! That'll make 'em hire you!"
  • + Followed by contradictory advice like, "Just double your rates! Find clients who can afford it!"
  • + Then the advice gets even less specific with, "Speak to your client's needs in your proposals!"  (How???)
  • - Hardly any step-by-freaking-step walkthroughs, done-for-you scripts, or easy-to-implement-and-get-results templates  🙁


(See what I did there? Hee hee...)

  • Because the 33% off VIP discount is only available to the first 100 VIP's when they gone, they gone!
  • Because "Become The Go-To Freelancer" includes not 1, not 2, but FOUR Advanced Bonuses so that the program's value increases as you grow and scale your services business (VIP's get first dibs on these)
  • Because the sooner you get started, the sooner you'll see results. VIP's are the first to get personal feedback from me on implementing everything in G2F — so being on the VIP list is as close as it gets to having me do everything for you (writing proposals, reaching out to prospects, crafting a winning pitch, etc).
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