The world's easiest way to go from $100 gigs to $100+ per hour clients without selling your soul on the job boards using the Trusted Expert Asset method

Hi, I'm Joshua Lisec. I used to dream the dream of every aspiring Solopreneur:

to set your own schedule, have clients bring work to YOU, and work from wherever you feel like it . . . man, wouldn't that be awesome!

But then I actually made it happen. This is the story of how you can, too.

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Since escaping the "cubicle nightmare" in 2013, I've scored clients in 36 different industries, landed 4 figure and 5 figure freelance projects, and comfortably charge 6x to 10x my old salary as a Human Resources Specialist  (good Lord, what a boring job).
The best part about walking the walk? I don't even have to do this thing full-time to bring home $5000 projects.
All because multi million dollar businesses and organizations -- including one of the largest colleges in North America -- are repeat clients who work around my schedule and send high-paying, long-term projects my way.

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In other words, I've cracked the "consistent revenue" code of being a Service Provider.
And that leaves more time than my old day job ever allowed to enjoy travel with my wife and my eclectic hobby of amateur paleontology (aka, hunting for fossils).
That means all my energy goes into achieving incredible results for my clients, like  doubling sales in just 2 weeks, reaching email marketing open rates as high as 80%, and generating over 620 new leads in 1 month.
So now that I’ve got my own freelancing house in order, I’ve opened up the folds of my gray matter to give you an end-to-end process to become the Go-To Service Provider of your niche.

With the Trusted Expert Asset method, you’ll get no-secrets-kept cheat-sheets that outline in blissful detail everything you need to…


Joshua, I've used your Become The Go-To Services Provider strategies to get my first client online! YES!

And I now have a framework for answering the question "So what do you do?" in a way that causes my ideal clients to understand the value I can offer them.

That completely changes the way I pitch, and the confidence I have now is incredible!

Renee H.

Freelance Marketing Consultant & Sales Coach

A lot of strategies out there recommended places like Craigslist and Upwork that don't really work.

What I like about you is that you offer a complete framework for writing proposals, negotiating high rates, and pitching your services.

I want to be location-independent, so Become The Go-To Freelancer strategies are exactly what I was looking for.

Using one strategy, I'm securing projects upwards of 5 figures -- $15,000 and $20,000.

Satya K.

Freelance Copywriter