How Renee H. used Become The Go-To Freelancer to land her first client online, shorten her selling cycle, and finally figure out how to communicate the value of her services

(even though she is a full-time Mom and had NO website or social media following) 

5 Reasons To Watch This Video (All The Way To The End)

  • How Renee took action right away using digestable, bite-sized strategies  {0:47}

  • How Renee finally realized how to answer the question "What do you do?" to get prospects excited about her services  {1:33}

  • How Renee turns one-off projects into repeat clients before her work with them ends  {2:29}

  • How Renee uses G2F strategies to stand out online after being an offline, in person freelancer  {3:20}

  • How G2F gave Renee the words she needed to describe the value of her services so that clients finally GET IT  {4:49}