How Satya K. used Become The Go-To Freelancer to find her niche, attract her ideal clients, and score $10,000+ freelance contracts

(even though she only had 1 year of freelance experience and lives in a different country than her target market) 

5 Reasons To Watch This Video (All The Way To The End)

  • How Satya is fulfilling her dream of becoming location-independent  {3:06}

  • How Satya implemented 1 strategy from G2F to find clients who pay top dollar  {5:12}

  • How Satya increased her rates, niched down her service offerings, and now scores $10,000 to $20,000 freelance projects  {7:25}

  • How Satya mastered the art of creating a Value Proposition for her services that makes prospects go, "Holy sh*t I needed to hire you yesterday!"  {10:28}

  • How Satya now has clients coming to her thanks to a counter-intuitive referral partner strategy  {13:00}