I'm thrilled you're here and ready to join me on the path of the "Go-To" Services Provider.

You are choosing to be Different, you are committing to be Radical, and above all you are deciding to embrace the role of trusted Expert in your industry. On to some housekeeping here...

5 Juicy Things To Do As You Start Become The Go-To Freelancer:


1. Join the Become The Go-To Freelancer: Partner & Scale! Affiliate program. AKA, “Sign my @ss up and make Joshua pay me in cash. . .and other favors. . .”

(OK, good luck on that last part -- but hey, you still get whopping 50% commissions, so still a good deal)

It's real simple:

You get $23 every time you tell a friend, buddy, or co-worker about Become The Go-To Freelancer and they join up.

Click the $ sign to learn more.

Oh, and the heavy lifting is done. The affiliate link and embeddable images are ready for you.

All you have to do is follow these instructions, and you're making bank.

2. The first thing to do upon logging in is watch the Go-To Freelancer Mindset video and complete the mini-workbook.

Why? Because it's okay to devote 11 minutes to preparing yourself to take the right actions, implement thr right strategies, and get the results.

Since you'll be taking away techniques, scripts, and tactics from G2F that will profit you for years to come, there's no need to rush right into the core Modules -- starting here sets you on the right track.

Welcome to G2F _ Become the Go-To Freelancer - Internet Explorer 2016-08-30 10.14.15

This is the first video you see when you log in to the course (username / password were sent to you via email)

3. Download and print off the Ultimate Go-To Freelancer Checklist right here.

Why? Because results worth writing home about  can only come about by implementing the workbooks, strategies, scripts, and techniques.

Because we cover everything from pricing and negotiation to personal branding and persuasive services pitches, having a 1-page reminder of where you're at is just about the best implementation hack I can give you.


4. Complete Modules 1 & 2 within 2 weeks of your signup date and you qualify for the FAST TRACK BONUS Strategy Session.

Why? Read the deets below -- you'll want to open up your Calendar and write "G2F" on the day that's 2 weeks out from now to make sure you don't miss this Implementation bonus:


5. Join the official G2F private Facebook group here.

Why? Because when you have a question, want some quick feedback, and need advice on customizing a script to suit your freelance business needs, this is the best way to get what you need -- no rushin' around all over Google looking for an answer. Just come here instead.


So, to review. . .

1. Let me pay you $150 a pop for sharing G2F with your friends.

2. Watch the Go-To Freelancer Mindset video and complete the mini-workbook.

3. Download and print off the Ultimate Checklist.

4. Watch Modules 1 & 2 within the next 2 weeks -- email me at Joshua@BeyondFreelance.com to let me know when you've qualified for your FAST TRACK Bonus Session.

5. Join the G2F Facebook group.Sound like a plan?

~ Joshua Lisec



P.S. The Fast-Action Bonuses you qualified for are coming along later this week -- they'll be sent in a separate email to you. The reason for this? The content in the Bonuses requires that you've gone through at least The Go-To Freelancer Mindset and Module 1 videos.

G2F is a system where layer builds upon layer -- results don't come from merely implementation, but implementing the right steps in the right order.

So, take the next few days to go through at least the welcome Module and Module 1 -- when the Bonuses hit your inbox this week, the strategies and techniques I reference from the core G2F modules will make complete sense.