How to find, pitch, and close high-paying clients without having to face enormous competition online or offer race-to-the bottom discounts

(Even if you don’t have a niche or the experience your competitors do...yet)

“Every time I get a half-decent client, it’s because I just lucked into it.”

That’s what I told my buddies back in 2011.


If you’ve been in the freelancing-for-dollars game any amount of time, you know just how hard it is to find respectable work.


I’m talkin’ clients who pay you on time, hit you up for more work after the first project, and give your contact info to their friends.


Trouble is, there are over 55 MILLION freelancers in the US and UK alone, with tens of millions more competing against you around the world.


For most of us, that means we feel like just a face in the crowd—or worse, a face on a client’s Upwork feed as he scrolls through proposals, skimming yours briefly in his search for “a good deal.”


If you happen to be one of the lucky ones who gets picked—not unlike The Claw scene in Toy Story—good ole Upwork snatches 20% of your earnings.


Let’s face it—20% of a $500 project is just too much to work for and then not receive.


But hang on a friggin minute here—

You got started in freelancing because you have a gift—a skill you treasure that you knew people out on the open market would be thrilled to pay for.


So…where the f*ck are these people?


Where are all the high-paying clients the experts brag about wooing day after day?


While the experts post pics of their painted toes on a sandy-white beach onto Facebook…


The rest of us have to explain to our spouses why we spent the last 5 hours quarantining ourselves away, hunting for freelance gigs…yet coming up empty-handed once again.


In 2011, I was the guy dumpster-diving for any ole $5 project I could find, just to help pay bills.


With every “We’ve hired someone else” email I got, cliché advice about “just trying harder” or “just going to networking events” felt like a sucker-kick to the back of my knees.

How freelancing advice scrounged up on the interwebs royally screws us over (and crushes our dreams of making real money)

“You gotta pay your dues first.”

WTF are these dues, and do these people take cash or credit? Seriously, how long do you have to sacrifice your schedule on The Altar of Sucky $6/Hour Projects before you’re ready to earn real money?


“Start charging what you’re worth.”

Gee whiz, you mean all I have to do is quote projects at $9,000/hour and I’m good?! Too bad you never got around to telling me how I’m supposed to charge what I'm worth.


“Launch a blog, write articles, and clients will find YOU!”

When was the last time you stumbled across Jane Doe's Blog and thought, “Hey, this lady ain’t half-bad – I think I’ll hire her”? This type of advice sounds good, but making it work for you is about as clear as a rain puddle after a 3 year-old stomps in it.


And then there’s the Wicked Step-Mother of bad advice…

This mother trucker isn’t what the experts tell us, it’s what they don’t tell us.


Case in point:

Beyond Freelance Image Editing.pptx - Microsoft PowerPoint (Product Activation Failed) 2016-07-12 12.27.42

Anyone can say you should do these things—and lots of cash-scamming sleaze-muffins do.
But without an actionable plan to access the kind of rewarding work we day-dream of, they leave us with:
No ideas, no clients, and no hope.

3 reasons it’s time to ditch the sucky advice, leave the competition behind, and follow a completely different path—one that actually works.

1. No one ever really “gets” clients.

No matter how good a freelancer’s pitch is, no client ever stumbles along and says, “Woops, you got me! Now here’s $3k for your troubles.”
Instead, you need a frying-pan-sizzle of a freelance pitch that cultivates desire for your services—THAT is what gets you clients. No amount of price-discounting will get you clients who respect you.


2. There has to be a better way than competing with 25 other freelancers for a won’t-even-cover-half-the-mortgage $200 gig.

95% of freelancers in Texas, Scotland, and Sri Lanka are either hittin’ up the lottery of Upwork or wasting afternoons at business card gangbangs (aka, networking). No thank you.


3. “Client attraction” is jargon-y  Life Coach-speak for “I don’t actually know how to find clients, but please buy my $997 program anyway. I’m pretty!”

If you’re the Go-To Freelancer of your niche, you never have to beg for work. Baby, you are “it!” Clients respect your time—and pay you handsomely for it.
Having a pitch that high-paying clients can’t ignore—that is real client attraction in action. No fluff necessary.


Yes, you do already have what it takes to prove how valuable you are and become a Go-To Freelancer (Heck, I can prove it to you—keep reading).


And YES, you can charge $50/hour, $75/hour, even $100+ for your services (even if you’ve never made more than $25/hour)


BUT (and there’s always a butt):

Becoming Go-To Freelancers doesn’t mean we try every tactic we can get our little manicured hands on—we only do what is proven to work. No guessing or praying necessary.

Becoming Go-To Freelancers doesn’t require us to fudge our experience or act like we’re more experienced than we are (because “Experience” is pretty low on a client’s priorities list, surprising as that is).

Becoming Go-To Freelancers doesn’t mean we have to go into “ABC: Always Be Closing” mode. Hey, you signed up to be a freelancer, to get paid for the skills you have—you don’t want to enroll at ACME Sales & Marketing Academy!

Now that I’ve got you thinking, “Hey, the perks of being a Go-To Freelancer sound pretty legit,” consider this next bit a friendly Public Service Announcement (PSA) to keep you from making the same dreadful career mistakes I did.

4 Googlable Gurus You Should Not Be Taking Advice From (If You Want to Become the Go-To Freelancer of Your Niche):

THE BECOMING BECOMER:  This cat suggests you tag along on his blog as you “learn the ropes together”—meaning, he cut-n-pasted Top 10 lists off a search engine and passes off that advice as his own. “Unsubscribe,” anyone?
THE NON-FLASHY FLASH USER:  If her freelancing advice website looks like it was built in 1999 and runs on Flash 1.0, you can bet your grandpappy’s bottom her advice isn’t up-to-speed with marketing methods that work post-Y2K.
THE MY WAY OR HIGHWAY GUY (“jk, it’s my way—you have no choice”)Buy my book! Buy my course! Buy my coaching! Or you’ll never make as much money as I do working 2.5 hours a week in my Tesla while cruising through an over-priced tropical paradise, mwuahahaha
THE NICHED-INTO-OBLIVION HYPER-EXPERT He can tell you literally everything about writing hamster-training textbooks for British secondary school students. But his knowledgebase for helping semi-normal people like us get ahead as freelancers is about a micrometer wide and 1,000 nanometers deep (so small you can’t see it).


Enter, yours truly…


The guy who became fluent in Classical Latin at age 10 (cuz he’s a nerd). . .

The fellow who proposed to his girlfriend at a restaurant whilst serenading her on guitar (cuz he’s a romantic, aww). . .

The man who’s ready to see you get a return on all those freelancing dues you’ve already paid (cuz he spent 3 ½ years believing he had to pay those dues, too). . .


When I tell you how to become a Go-To Freelancer (modesty is for the birds, I tell you)

Hi, I'm Joshua Lisec. I used to dream the dream of every aspiring freelancer:

to set your own schedule, have clients bring work to YOU, and work from wherever you feel like it . . . man, wouldn't that be awesome!

But then I actually made it happen. This is the story of how you can, too.

Since escaping the "cubicle nightmare" in 2013, I've scored clients in 36 different industries, landed 4 figure and 5 figure freelance projects, and comfortably charge 6x to 10x my old salary as a Human Resources Specialist  (good Lord, what a boring job).
The best part about walking the walk? I don't even have to do freelancing full-time to bring home four figure to five figure freelance projects.
All because multi million dollar businesses and organizations -- including one of the largest colleges in North America -- are repeat clients who work around my schedule and send high-paying, long-term projects my way.

4k-invoice4.9k-she says yes500-32 4k-ao  9k

 In other words, I've cracked the "consistent revenue" code in freelancing.
And that leaves more time than my old day job ever allowed to enjoy travel with my wife and my eclectic hobby of amateur paleontology (aka, hunting for fossils).
That means all my freelancing energy goes into achieving incredible results for my clients, like  doubling sales in just 2 weeks, reaching email marketing open rates as high as 80%, and generating over 620 new leads in 1 month.
So now that I’ve got my own freelancing house in order, I’ve opened up the folds of my gray matter to
give you an end-to-end process to. . .


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5 Write-Mom-A-Letter Worthy Ways Your Freelancing World—and Life—Is About to Change  (For the Better, For Good, Period)

YOUR LIFE AS A GO-TO FREELANCER:  You know where money is coming from to pay bills this month, next month and beyond.
You have clients coming your way so often that your schedule is full weeks in advance.


YOUR LIFE AS A GO-TO FREELANCER:  You’re able to save so much dough from high-paying projects that you’re steadily moving towards BIG goals like saving for vacation, retirement, the kids’ college, etc.


YOUR LIFE AS A GO-TO FREELANCER:  You know you’re going to “make it.” You wake up each morning, take in a deep breath, and exhale a night’s worth of dreams that are finally coming true.


YOUR LIFE AS A GO-TO FREELANCER:  Because you have several ways to generate leads and systematically turn them into clients, there’s no need to hustle your ass around looking for work ‘til it (your tush) falls off.
Enough with this “hustle-hustle-hustle” rubbish.
I like sleep!


YOUR LIFE AS A GO-TO FREELANCER:  Projects that make your heart feel good to work on also line your bank account with more moolah than you ever imagined being paid.
You’re no longer at the mercy of clients who don’t respect you (or pay you what you're worth).

I invested 100 hours and $4000 to develop Become The Go-To Freelancer 

(I'm crazy about getting you tangible results)


Because the Clients Who’ll Pay You Every Penny You Deserve Really, Truly Exist—And It’s About Darn Time You Guys Meet

(Plus, it's like having the security of a full-time job, but without the BS of 9-5 cubicle life, office politics, or those Fwd: Fwd: Fwd emails from Cindy the conspiracy nutjob)

4 days from now (and 4 modules), you will have:

  • the confidence you need to go after freelance projects that pay more than $50/hour

  • a services pitch that’s so damn good, your competition never had a chance

  • an easy-to-follow method to find high-paying clients (and a way to prove you’re the “ideal fit” for their projects)

  • the momentum you need to spot perfect-for-you clients and the motivation to deliver a winning pitch

  • an experienced guide to hold your hand every step of the way

(Absolutely no chasing clients, begging for work, or price discounts required)

So, what’s the roadmap to getting there?

The Trusted Expert Asset Method!

day1FROM FACE IN THE CROWD TO YOUR VERY OWN STAGE:  How to OWN the mountain of relevant experiences and professional expertise you’re already standing on, then leverage that into an emotionally compelling brand high-paying clients see as “the ideal choice” for their projects

THE PSYCHOLOGY OF EPIC:  How to radically differentiate yourself from more experienced competitors and turn your target market into a captive audience (no price discounting, special credentials, or sleezy “Look at me in my [obviously rented] mansion!” videos required)

THE ONE THEY TRUST (AND RESPECT):  This ain’t your momma's “Know, Like, Trust” lesson—as a result of the juicy nuggets of actionable wisdom covered here, you will never, EVER second-guess yourself, your worth, or your abilities again (and neither will clients)

day2CREATE YOUR DREAM JOB FROM SCRATCH:  It’s time to be so valuable to potential clients that they won’t even be able to imagine hiring anyone else.  We’ll be transforming your freelance business into a sanity-saving service that top-tier clients want (but literally no one else offers except you). How’s that for income security?

THE LITTLE-KNOWN MARKETING STATISTIC THAT WILL TURN YOUR ONE-PERSON BIZ INTO A CASH COW (GRASS-FED, OF COURSE):  There are only 2 types of clients. 1 of them shows up on Upwork, Fiverr, Craigslist, and anywhere else the Googlable Gurus tell you to look for work. The other type? They’re the ones who offer 3-month and 6-month projects, plus contracts worth $1,000’s, with virtually zero competition. I’ll show you who the f*ck they are and how to get—and keep—their attention.

PROVE YOUR VALUE, CHARGE WHAT YOU’RE WORTH:  Instead of just saying that and leaving you with terse advice like, “Well, good luck! Figure out the rest on your own, haha”, I’m ripping open my accountant’s geeked-out pricing primer to show you two freelance pricing models—consider these your pricing “book ends” so you know you’ll always be charging Goldilocks rates (not too high the client balks, not too low you resent his cheap ass)

WHEN “ROI” STANDS FOR “RETURN-ON-FREELANCER”:  To land a project at $100+/hour, you have to prove your work is worth $100/hour. Luck falls on your side again, as you’ll be taking away a method to do just that (from now on, you’ll be closing out projects with the ole Moneybags McGee jig while your client feels like she got the best deal in town. . .win-win!)

day4THE PERSUASIVE POWER OF "YES TRIGGERS":  To get a client to say “Yes” to hiring you, you have to remove as many reasons as possible for them to say “No.” Fortunately, there is a step-by-step process for smoothly delivering a pitch for your services that’s so irresistible, clients will be falling all over themselves thanking you before they’ve even written that first check. If you’re a persuasion junkie, you will want to carve my name and yours inside a little heart on the biggest rock you can find after completing this lesson.

FIND. PITCH. CLOSE. REPEAT.  The systems you need to charm the clients you want. No more bouncing from tactic to tactic. Just 2 Why-the-hell-didn't-I-think-of-these methods that actually work to find projects that pay well and make you feel accomplished. It’s time to claim your share of the online market of $500+ projects  (these clients are right out in the open, but most freelancers have no clue how to pitch them)

That ain’t even the half of it!

These 3 BONUS Modules cover the most Advanced material in the course -- Proposal Writing, Your Personal Pitch, and High Stakes Negotiation.

(With all the swipeable scripts, cheat sheets, word for word templates, and step by step processes you need at any age of your freelance business to give yourself the BEST chances of getting a "Hell yeah, you're hired!" from clients)

bonus1This Fast-Action Bonus is the difference between proposals that get a "Hell yeah!" and ones that get a "Meh. No."

Sick of the Vanishing Client Phenomenon? Wondering why the hell they still haven’t read your proposal? Tired of those “perfect fit” prospects who pick your competitor when you were obviously the best choice?

This Fast-Action Bonus shows you the 5 sections of a winning freelance proposal (yes there are only 5) and includes specific examples from my own proposal-writing exploits—I'm giving you "the full frontal" on the actual words and phrases I've used to land projects worth $5,000+.


Consider this Fast-Action Bonus your personal “How to pitch your services in person so people actually want them” Epiphany. When you describe what you do when meeting potential clients in person—at a seminar, conference, or social—you'll get a lot less “Oh that’s nice,” and a helluva lot more “OMG, can I please hire you!?”

You can take the high road—and still change the client's mind after she backed out. With this Fast-Action Bonus, you'll get access to actual conversations I had with 2 clients (how I responded when they turned me down, how I ended up walking away from both chats with $7,400 in contracts)

You don't have to hope this works. Here's proof it already does...

Using one strategy, from Become The Go-To Freelancer, I'm securing projects upwards of 5 figures -- $15,000 and $20,000.

Thanks to G2F I have become more specific about which clients I want to work with and what types of services I want to offer.

I'm in a better position to scale my business right now - without working myself to death.

Most other programs are quite generic with "networking advice" or "look on Craigslist / Upwork" -- which is super frustrating because nobody tells you exactly HOW to go about creating a system to find clients organically and get high-value deals.

Most of these platforms attract clients who want to pay bottom of the barrel prices - so it’s interesting to find more "organic" ways to get clients and learn how to close them in a classy way - without hoping and praying that someone throws you a $200 gig.

Become The Go-To Freelancer provides a systematic way to establish your authority in the right places, where your target market is naturally hanging out - so you have a low-competition, endless "flow" of potential clients that you can attract naturally.

This course also provides you the exact strategy to close the sale - which freelancers desperately need.

The future pacing (both positive and negative) is just genius! I’ll never be logging into Upwork / Elance / Craigslist, etc. again.

I’ll never going to do "any job" - unless it matches my goals and specifications And I’m never going to be sleazy and self-promotional in the wrong places.

I have chosen to hang out in entrepreneurial communities and reach out to more referral partners to skyrocket my business. Let's do this!

Satya K.

Freelance Copywriter & Marketing Consultant

Joshua, I've used your Become The Go-To Freelancer strategies to get my first client online! YES!

And I now have a framework for answering the question "So what do you do?" in a way that causes my ideal clients to understand the value I can offer them.

That completely changes the way I pitch, and the confidence I have now is incredible!

You laid it out the program with actionable tips, kind inspiration and comic relief. A perfect combination!

G2F’s video modules are easily applicable and ready to use! The actionable advice is right up front and throughout. I didn't have to listen to 100 hours of lecturing and then come out dizzy with knowledge but no action plan.

Renee Hribar

Freelance Marketing Consultant & Sales Coach

Before G2F, I was taking anything and everything to pay the bills. But, it wasn't the type of work I wanted to do.

And, I was tired of working with people who were not my ideal client.

So there was no doubt that I needed this yesterday!

My proposals were all about me and my services. They were focused on my method to complete the task. Clients don't care about that! They want real life examples of how you are going to make their life easier.

Lots of programs tell you that you need to write better proposals, but they don't tell you how to do it. They give you a basic outline that means nothing to you.

G2F shows you step by step and gives you lots of examples to make it easier to understand how to apply the method to your specific business.

G2F breaks everything down into simple steps, from beginning to end, that any freelancer (novice or experienced) can understand.


Maria G.

Freelance Marketing Strategist

Imagine how it will feel to become a Go-To Freelancer. . .

You wake up in the morning, not to slog through another round of browsing job boards but to emails and messages offering you opportunities that are perfectly aligned to your skillsets and interests. This is work you can happily lose yourself in.


These are clients who respect your time—they want more from you than just the deliverables and an invoice, they want your advice, your perspective on the future of their business.


In fact, they see you as an invaluable, irreplaceable partner—your relationship is more than just a transaction, so they beg you to send another proposal over to them for even more work.


Now imagine that this happens over…and over….and over.


And whenever you walk into a room where you know potential clients are going to be (Bonus #1 shows how to find these places), the jitters and clammy palms you used to feel are no more.


Now, when prospects ask you what you do, you smoothly deliver a crisp pitch that makes their eyebrows jump off their faces:


“WOW…I need to call my boss—you’re exactly what we need!”


For most, this is an underappreciated freelancer’s fantasy.


But for you, the one who is set to become a Go-To Freelancer


It’s your future.


That means you’ll be able to finally take spontaneous trips with your spouse to that “one day we’ll go” just-the-two-of-you destination, and you can treat your kids to goodies you never thought you could afford.


And most importantly—you have the energy AND the time to enjoy your kids, your spouse, and your friends without that nagging voice in your head going, “Why isn’t this freelancing thing working out? WTF am I doing wrong?”


So whether you’re out on the town or curled up on the sofa Netflix-binging, you’ll want to whip out your phone and proudly show whoever you’re with the email you just got a notification for:


“We accept your proposal. Let’s do this.”

The only science-backed, psychology-powered, field-tested system to become the Go-To Freelancer of your niche

BECOME THE GO-TO FREELANCER includes Lifetime Access to:

  • Days 1-4 (Modules 1-4): 5 hours of HD video instruction, tutorials, and walkthroughs
  • ALL worksheets, templates, word-for-word scripts, and formulas you need (no searching on Google for supplementary tutorials)
  • ALL 3 Fast-Action Bonuses: 2 hours of HD video instruction, tutorials, and walkthroughs
  • Let's-Get-Results-Together private Facebook group to share ideas, get your peers' objective suggestions, complete weekly challenges (aka, fun motivators to hold you accountable) and get answers from me personally on any questions or feedback requests you post

Exclusive VIP-Only Offer

Only 19 Spots Remaining (after that, price goes up to $297)


(pays for itself in a couple of hours of freelance work -- or less!)


All 3 Bonuses Are Yours FREE! (A $99 Value)

The 7 Question Marks In Your Head  (I’ll Take Care of Those For Ya)

Q. If this stuff really works, why isn't it $500? Or $5,000?
A. Because I don't believe in squeezing every last dollar out of people. And because Become The Go-To Freelancer as a complete system has never been released to the public before. Consider this pricing to be "The Innovator's Discount"—essentially, everyone who joins on this first public launch is proclaiming to the world, "It's about time we freelancers do things differently. It's about time we do what actually works and stop buying into all the hype. It's time to innovate."

In future releases of Become The Go-To Freelancer, you will not see either level priced this low again. Right now, I am taking just 1 band of motley freelancers into the profitable land of Trusted Authority-dom. This is your shot to be on the first train out of town.

Q. Psh! No one makes $100/hour for something like freelance writing...right?
A. Wrong. When I first opened G2F for pre-sales, I had this conversation with a friend:


Q. What if this G2F thing doesn't work?
A. We already know what doesn’t work—competing with dozens of other freelancers on a race-to-the-bottom price discounting quest.

With Become the Go-To Freelancer, I’m giving you the no-secrets-kept, end-to-end process I personally used to go from $5 gigs and $50 projects to better-than-a-fulltime-salary contracts like these:

$15k+ from 1 client

$15k+ from 1 client


Every step of the way, I’ll be there to hold you accountable to actually implement what you discover in each module. There’s no question, frustration, or confusion too small to ask me about—I’ll give you my personal email, and I’ll be available to hop on Skype or Hangouts to give you feedback face to face.

Because you’re getting Become the Go-To Freelancer at this first-ever-release price, this is the cheapest you will ever have personalized, my-attention-is-all-yours, 1:1 access to me.

Having a hand to hold the entire way (like you’ll get with G2F) is the difference between getting the results you want and giving up on a course that over-promised and under-delivered. I’m just not about that life.

Q. What if I'm not really that good at what I do?
A. Ever heard of the Dunning-Krueger Effect? It’s a geek-speak theory that shows how people who are actually quite good at what they do second-guess their talents.

What does that tell ya? If you’re wondering, “Am I any good, or am I just deluding myself,” chances are, you really do have what it takes.

Plus, Go-To Freelancers realize that all you have to do is be good enough to help your clients get the results they want. Let that sink in.

Since we’ll be covering exactly how to do that in Module 3, you can set your soul at ease on this one.

Q. Can’t I get this information online for free?
A. Google “freelance advice” or “how to get clients,” and your head will be spinning with confusion.

Most every article, blog post, and e-newsletter you’ll find states the obvious (“To get clients, be good at what you do! Then join Upwork!”) or offers utter non-advice no one wants to follow (“Start cold-calling and mailing your portfolio to everyone in town!”).

What you’re getting with Become the Go-To Freelancer is a battle-tested, fool-proof framework that I’ve personally used to go from no-name nerd who couldn’t get a $100 project to save his ass, to freelance consultant who closes projects worth $1,000’s.

In other words, you’re getting a process that actually works—and the step-by-step instructions to implement everything.

Tell me 1 expert who will hop on Skype at a moment’s notice to talk you through an obstacle you’ve hit. That’s what you get with G2F.

Q. What about my lack of experience / small portfolio / non-US/UK location?
A. As a guy who’s hired 6 different freelancers in the past 6 months for various projects, I can tell you that experience, portfolio size, and place of residence were some of the last things on my mind.

Every quality that high-paying clients look for, a go-to freelancer possesses—meaning, there’s an entire module dedicated to proving how valuable your services are.

No decades of experience, elephant-sized portfolios, or English-as-1st-language required.

Q. What if I'm a freelance IT guy / freelance meditation coach / freelance (non-traditional profession)?
A. Ever heard of these industries?

Anti-Motivation. Video Autobiographies. Machinist College Programs. Database Design Consulting. Satellite-Based Telescope Software.

In these non-traditional niches, I’ve scored projects worth $2500 on up to $8,000+.

The general rule for freelancing is, if there are people in that industry, there’s a service you can offer them.

We cover ways to position yourself as the “ideal choice” in any industry in Module 1, which will be especially helpful if you’re in an obscure niche most people know nothing about.

Who Should Run Like F*ck From This:

  • If you're one of the 4 Googlable Gurus (shame, shame!)
  • If you're happy with the current state of your freelancing life
  • If you'd rather buy into the hype-y fluff of instant riches and totally effortless sales
  • If subscribing to 101 different newsletters and downloading 4 or 5 new opt-in freebies a week appeals to you

I could be full of sh*t (the star of my own Truman Show-like delusion). Except…

Not only have I personally helped my own freelance clients achieve results like:

But hundreds of people believe in me, follow my advice, and send me notes of gratitude:

This is the last time you'll be able to get Become The Go-To Freelancer for the year.

BECOME THE GO-TO FREELANCER includes Lifetime Access to:

BECOME THE GO-TO FREELANCER includes Lifetime Access to:

  • Days 1-4 (Modules 1-4): 5 hours of HD video instruction, tutorials, and walkthroughs
  • ALL worksheets, templates, word-for-word scripts, and formulas you need (no searching on Google for supplementary tutorials)
  • ALL 3 Fast-Action Bonuses: 2 hours of HD video instruction, tutorials, and walkthroughs
  • Let's-Get-Results-Together private Facebook group to share ideas, get your peers' objective suggestions, complete weekly challenges (aka, fun motivators to hold you accountable) and get answers from me personally on any questions or feedback requests you post

Exclusive VIP-Only Offer

Only 19 Spots Remaining (after that, price goes up to $297)


 (pays for itself in a couple of hours of freelance work -- or less!)


All 3 Bonuses Are Yours FREE! (A $99 Value)

10% of all sales go straight to the best darn organizations on earth whose sole mission is to raise the standard of living for people whose everyday routines just to survive are harder than we can imagine.

Let's help alleviate that suffering by supporting folks who've committed their careers to restoring fellow humans' dignity, one precious life at a time.