Make Bank through Discovery Calls in 60 Minutes (Or Less) without Making Yourself Sick from Over-Selling or Under-Valuing Yourself


Doubling or tripling (or more) your conversion rate on client calls...

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Ready to go into EVERY Discovery Call with unshakeable confidence?

Meet Joshua Lisec, the mind behind the client-closing madness:

After his very first freelance project earned him a face-palming $1.67/hour, Joshua Lisec committed to mastering the art of a persuasive pitch and turning a generic skillset into a “need-to-have” service that clients all around the world will pay top dollar for.

Motivated by those early days of woe, Joshua has since scaled up to $50/hour, $100/hour, and beyond – cracking the “consistent revenue code” in the process.

Joshua’s strategies for exploding the sales of your services business have been featured on places like The Huffington Post, The Side Hustle Show, Freelancers Union, The Freelance to Freedom Project, and The Freelance Transformation Podcast, where his advice on how to stop “dumpster diving for work” was featured as a Top 10 Moment alongside advice from Michael Port, Brennan Dunn, Nagina Sethi Abdullah, and Kai Davis.


Joshua's advice on charging what you're worth is some of the best I've seen on the topic.

If I am ever on my ass with no work, I'd go to this guy to get me freelancing gigs...not even kidding!

Bushra Azhar

The Persuasion Revolution

The way that Joshua approaches becoming the "Go-To" person in your industry or niche is absolutely amazing.

He knows how to ask the right questions to drill down and position yourself as the "Go-To Authority". The way he can relate his advice to your situation is second-to-none. I cannot recommend this guy highly enough.

Jo Gifford

Killer Content Academy